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Quick Ironing Tips You Need To Know For Shirts

26 Agust 2019
Quick Ironing Tips You Need To Know For Shirts


The dressing is one of the basic needs of people. The clothes we wear and defile during the day need to be washed and ironed. But people, especially women, are not very sociable about ironing. Especially some fabrics are wrinkled very quickly and are hard to iron, causing people to have difficulty in ironing. Shirts, on the other hand, usually have fabrics that crease quickly and open hard. For this reason, there are some points to consider when people iron shirts. It is possible to sort these points as follows.

Iron the collars and arms first

The most common mistake when ironing shirts is to leave the sleeves and collars at the end. But when ironing shirts, it should be started from the collars and arms. Then the shoulder area should be ironed out.

Iron While Slightly Damp

Iron your shirts to be slightly damp if possible. Dry shirts are always ironed out much harder. You can reduce your ironing time by ironing shirts that are difficult to iron, especially in linen. If the shirt has already dried, you can make your shirt moist by using the water spray feature of your iron. The point to note here is that the shirt cannot be ironed too wet.

Be Careful How You Iron

Trying to place and iron the shirts as they are on the ironing board is a wrong form of ironing. You can iron the shirt by placing the right or left shoulder on the front of the ironing board without removing it. This makes it possible to iron your shirt easily.

Avoid Incorrect Lines

The first misstatements made when ironing shirts are faulty lines. You should take advantage of the above-mentioned ironing method to avoid faulty lines on your shirts. If you iron your shirts anywhere outside the ironing board, you increase your odds of making these faulty lines.

Iron Adjustment for Fabric Type

Shirts can be produced from different fabrics. By ironing delicate fabrics at high heat and steamy, you cause the shirt to burn. You waste effort trying to iron difficult fabrics at low heat. Therefore, you should adjust an iron according to the type of fabric of the shirt and iron it that way. You can use high heat in cotton fabrics. In synthetic fabrics, you should lower the heat of your iron. You can adjust the vapor according to the wrinkle level of your shirt.

Watch Out For Shirt Buttons

Another point to note when ironing shirts is shirt buttons. You should not press the shirt buttons while ironing. Otherwise, the buttons may break or damage your iron. Also, not forget between the buttons during ironing and these parts should be lightly ironed.

You can make perfect Irons by considering these points to be considered when ironing shirts.

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