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Blazer Jackets for Men, Luxury Blazer Jackets for Men, Elegant Blazer Jackets for Men

Blazer Jackets for men are among the types of clothes that have an extremely important place in menswear. Blazer jackets for men, which are found in many men's wardrobes and allow you to achieve an impressive look, you can also achieve the elegance you are looking for.

All fashion doyens come together because every man must necessarily have summer and winter jackets. Wool, cotton, velvet, linen, such as quality fabrics, collar cut, pocket model, such as jackets sewn with attention to detail adds a very different air to men.

Except for jacket cut style, fabric, pocket details, buttons are also of particular importance for the jacket. Button selection is a matter of choice, but Button order is important in terms of where the jacket will be used. Double-row button jackets are more suitable for use in official meetings and workplaces, while single-row button jackets are easily combined with everything.

A jacket is a very functional and vital part that can be used as a versatile in a person's work and personal life, rather than being a simple outfit, as can be seen. For this reason, it will be in his best interest for each man to acquire jackets suitable for his style and any environment he will go to.

How Can Luxury Blazer Jackets for Men be Combined?

Plaid jackets, which are one of the trendy clothes of this season, are unique pieces that can be easily preferred, especially in the autumn season. In addition to making a man look dynamic, sporty, young, and elegant, plaid jackets are an element of elegance that men should not ignore with their easy combination.

Easily combined with simple pieces, you can capture a simple but stylish look without using accessories by combining these pieces with a white shirt and simple jeans in the easiest way.


Plaid jackets are versatile pieces that can be worn in any environment, adding a masculine air to the wearer. It can be used in comfortable environments with a T-shirt or bicycle collar sweater worn inside. A solid color shirt worn inside can capture the solemnity required for weddings, meetings, or invitations. Pants that will be preferred under a plaid jacket should also be selected in a solid color and simple cut in accordance with the colors of the coat.

Elegant Blazer Jackets for Men in different colors

In order to combine plaid patterns, it is necessary to pay attention to color harmonies. Color harmony is to blend with other appropriate colors and different shades of the same color, rather than to use the exact hue of the same color in a single combination.

For example, you can adapt to any environment with a white shirt and black pants worn in a plaid jacket with brown pinstripes on blue.  Black, matte yellow, and burgundy T-shirts with plaid patterns in shades of Gray will be a pleasant choice for friend environments.

Plaid jackets are preferred, while men of medium and short stature should not choose thick and distinctive striped jackets; this will show a shorter height than it is. Men of short and medium size should prefer pinstriped patterns.

Choosing the right Elegant Blazer Jackets for Men

When choosing a jacket, it is recommended that men first pay attention to shoulder height and width. If a pot is formed under the shoulders when you wear the coat, the outfit means you are big. If the ends of the jacket shoulders are raised in the air, and the garment's back and arm parts are uncomfortable when moving your shoulders, the product means that it is narrow for your body. In this case, you can continue to experiment with men's jacket models with different sizes and cuts.

Waist sizes also have an important place when choosing a jacket. You can tell by buttoning your front after wearing the suit that the coat does not fit your waist. If you can quickly move your hand between your body and the jacket, the jacket is for you. If your hand does not enter the range, the jacket is narrow; if it is too baggy, the coat means that it is large for you.

You should know that the top button of two-button jackets and the three-button jackets' middle button should match your belly. So you can test whether the height of the jacket suits you.

Watch out for arms and shoulders

Arms and shoulders are the first places to give up the wrong clothes. Jackets should have arm lengths as short as 1.5 - 1.2 cm from shirt cuffs. It is recommended that you do all these measurements after add-ons such as wadding. If your shoulders are low as a structure, you can raise the shoulders of jackets using additional pads, secure the pads with sewing.

If you are short, you should avoid long jackets. For men of short stature, short and waist-sitting certainty is more appropriate. Tall men, on the other hand, can use longer lengths when choosing a jacket. But it is also underlined that very tall jackets can make people look bulkier than they are.

Light colors also make people look more overweight, while dark stains can easily camouflage their weight. With vests that you can wear inside the jacket, you can hide your excess in the abdominal area, and you should remember to leave the last button of the vest on for comfort.

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