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What is The Best Way To Wash Dress Shirts?

08 July 2019
What is The Best Way To Wash Dress Shirts?


The dress shirt is a piece that is quite important in menswear. Since the Old years, shirts are quite suitable for both sports and official uses. Shirts that are indispensable for both women and men can be produced in all kinds of colors and patterns. This causes people to be very difficult to choose dress shirts. Individuals who are hesitant between many patterns and colors can also have difficulty washing the shirts they buy. Because some shirts should be washed at different water temperature and schedule according to the type of fabric. Washing a shirt in an unsuitable program can cause the shirt to pull or color to drop. So, how are the shirts washed?


Shirts Made From Synthetic Fabric


Shirts made of synthetic fabric are extremely sensitive to heat. Therefore, you should wash synthetic fabric shirts with warm water and low heat. At the same time, when ironing, you should iron at low heat and without steam. Synthetic fabric shirts can burn easily. Therefore, be careful about washing and ironing.


Shirts Made Of Silk Fabric


Shirts made of silk fabric should not be washed at very high heat and in centrifugal machine. In case of stubborn stains on shirts made of silk fabric, extra stain remover should be used. Otherwise, it is not possible to get rid of stubborn stains. Silk fabrics are durable and lightweight. Therefore, dress shirts made of silk fabric should be ironed at low heat and without steam.


Shirts Made Of Cotton Fabric


Shirts made of cotton fabric can pull on when washed at very high heat. Therefore, it should be washed at low heat. If these fabrics are resistant to iron, the first wash should be washed alone. In later washes, it can be washed along with different clothes. These shirts, which are resistant to friction and bumps, tend to crease.


Shirts Made From Linen Fabric


Shirts made of linen fabric should definitely be washed by hand and with cold water. These fabrics, which are very sensitive, are very wrinkled in case of machine washing. Therefore, it should not be dried in centrifugal machines and should not be washed with very hot water. Liners made of linen fabric are also very durable against iron and dirt.


Shirts Made From Wool Fabric


Shirts made of wool fabric can pull when washed at high heat. Wool shirts absorb heat and have high humidity. So it can be easily ironed out.


Washing shirts by hand

When washing colored shirts by hand, pure soap powder or specially produced detergents should be used to wash them by hand. For whites, it is appropriate to use hand washing detergents.

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