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Luxury and Elegant Belts for Men

Details are always important when it comes to menswear. No matter how stylish your style is, everything can fall apart if you have not chosen the right belt or your shoe and belt are not in harmony. So, choosing the right belt is a matter of importance. In this article, you can find all the tips and discover the Luxury and Elegant Belts for men models that you should have.

One of the most important details you need to know before shopping is the men's belt size. Belt measures are measured by a full tour from the buckle of the belt to the middle hole and are sometimes given in centimeters, and sometimes in body measures such as S-M-L or 34-36. Your pants' high or low waist is a detail that you should pay attention to in these dimensions when choosing.

Classic Luxury and Elegant Belts for men models

Formal, that is, classic belt models are usually belts worn with suit belts or fabric pants. 2.5-3.5 cm wide, designed from thin leather, these belt models are generally preferred in black or brown colors. The suit style demands impeccable posture and does not accept even the slightest mistake. So the choice of belt plays a vital role here. The details that you should pay attention to are that the belt fits your suit, the buckle or sewing details are stylish and straightforward, and the belt's color and texture stay in harmony with your shoes.

Daily Belt Models

Casual, that is, belts that will blend in with your everyday style are among the things that every man should have in his wardrobe. First, let's address the issue of belt width. Men's belts with thin straps will be ideal for tight jeans. On the other hand, Wider belt belts are the right complement for Bottoms such as Chino, cargo, and shorts.

So what should you pay attention to when choosing belts for your everyday combinations? First, pay attention to buckle and strap balance. So if the buckle of the belt is very flashy, let your belt be more straightforward. In choosing a Casual belt, you don't need to be super-compatible like classic belts; that is, the texture, color of your shoes and belt may not be the same. So you can make Freer choices. Casual belts have dozens of options such as leather, fabric woven, studded, embroidered, printed, braided. Just pay attention to your outfit's overall color and texture when choosing the appropriate combined model you will make.

How Should The Belt Selection Be?

  • The belt you will use should be combined with your shoes.
  • If you are wearing a classic style, it should be the same color as your shoe, the same tone, even take the combined belt when buying your shoe.
  • If you are wearing a sports style, you should choose a compatible belt, even if it is not the same color.
  • The belt you will use in classic clothing should be a non-thick and leather belt that we call a traditional belt. A thick belt with a big buckle does not make you look stylish in classic clothing.
  • Stay away from big buckled belts in sportswear, especially jeans.
  • Hair braid belts save a life; after matching your pants and your shoes' color, you can use them on every pair of pants except classic clothing. Of course, here you should pay attention to the point, cloth shoes made of leather hair braid belt should not use.
  • Run away from arches that oppositely contain different colors.
  • You can use a leather belt with sports stitching in your canvas pants.
  • Use the same color belt as your shoes in your fabric pants.
  • You can use a leather mesh belt compatible with your jeans, shoes.
  • Never use a thin classic belt on your jeans.
  • Sports belt with sneakers will be more beautiful.

* If you prefer models with belts when buying cargo pants, you can get rid of this problem.

How To Choose The Right Belt Length For Men?


How To Choose The Right Belt Length For Men?

Belts are accessories that attract attention with both their functionality and design. Straps designed to fit pants better on the body were more of a need than an accessory when they were first designed. Strips cut according to the waist size were passed on the pants, which could affect how the pants stood on the body. This need has been carefully designed to fit with the pants and has become a stylish men's accessory.

Today, men's scarves offer an excellent choice of accessories and gifts in belts as well as gloves. When you wear pants that are a little baggy on your body, you may need a belt to fit the waist full on your body. Even if you have a pants that fit exactly on your body, these pants will release and expand as they wear out, which will require a belt. But belts can be indispensable even as an accessory option. When you choose leather belts in harmony with your shoes, they will look more stylish in other clothes you wear. With these belts, which are more compatible with sportswear, you can also create complementary combinations in your daily wear. You can have beautiful types of men's belts from each other that will create an attractive option for your search for accessories, with advantageous prices specific to Makrom.

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