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Luxury and Elegant Neckties for Men

The first track to show itself on a man is Luxury and Elegant Neckties for men. Therefore, you must make your tie choice correctly to leave a positive and permanent first impression.

The tie is your accessory that will help you show your quality the most. Although it does not occupy a lot of space in your wardrobes when compared to other clothes, it is crucial for many of your clothes in terms of the weight it gives you. A high-quality tie that complements your suit in environments where you find a stylish outfit will ensure that you attract attention and receive quite a few compliments.

Although tie prices fluctuate in very different ranges, it should also be remembered that quality is too valuable to be very cheap. So a really good tie easily stands out from countless low-quality like-ones; it allows you to make your difference. So, how should the choice of Luxury and Elegant Neckties for Men be? What should be considered when choosing Luxury and Elegant Neckties for Men? Let's examine the details together.

How should I choose Luxury and Elegant Neckties for Men?

When choosing a tie, you can find the most accurate model much more quickly by paying attention to size and proportion; the appearance, which is the composition of fabric, texture, color, and pattern, and the harmony of your shirt along with your suit. After finding the right model, it will be useful to learn the tie shapes suitable for the tie structure.

When you find the right model, you must first look at the proportion. Proportion means that the tie model's width and length are compatible with your body structure and clothing style. If you have a large body with wide breasts, you can create a more balanced image with a slightly wider tie than the average and the length of your belt. People of a small structure, on the other hand, should turn to thinner and marginally shorter ties.

Although the choice of color is determined by personal preferences, of course, your tie color must be compatible with the image you want to reflect and the overall shades of your combination. You can only use semi-flat blue or green ties decorated with light patterns with cool, blue suits for an elegant and simple yet sophisticated look. Ties in shades of Blue give a professional air.

If you want to be noticed, you can think of red ties in light-colored shirts. You can opt for a red tie in a light shirt to ensure that the audience keeps their eyes on you when you are making a presentation or during a conversation. When choosing solid colors, you should prefer dark and full ones. Bright or fun colors give a more "casual" air.

Considerations in Choosing the Right Tie


The chosen tie's length is very important because if you buy a tie without paying attention to its size, you can get a non-stylish look when you wear it. Too short or too long ties don't look good on clothes. Tie length should be selected in the size that will close your belt buckle. You can also make the tie length by sticking to the length of your jacket.

Non-Wrinkle Structure

First, if you want to choose a good tie, make sure that the tie is a tie that does not wrinkle easily and is easily tied. The excellent quality of the tie's lining makes it easier to tie the tie and reduces wrinkles, so if you want to choose a good lining, choose linings that are all made of wool.

Correct Body

Choosing a tie in the right body is also very important, be careful to choose a tie in the body that will fully grasp the neck around it.

Lining Type

Determine the type of lining of the tie according to the style of the outfit. Silk lining Blazers, for example, look more stylish in classic suits.

Where to Use it

When choosing tie colors and patterns, consider what environments to wear the tie in. Choosing a tie that is darker than the color of the shirt provides a more serious look. You can choose matte colors when selecting a tie because these colors fit with each suit.


Not every color may suit everyone. If you choose a tie in shades that suit your skin, hair, and eye color, you can get a cooler and more stylish look using ties that suit you better. If your skin color is dark, dark colors away from dark ties look more pleasant for men with Auburn and light skin color.


When choosing a tie pattern, pay attention to the image that this pattern will add to you. Stay away from over-the-top animal patterned ties with logos, especially in professional life. The most preferred ties are striped ones. If you like a dotted tie, try to choose small and spotty relations when selecting because little dotted ties give a more serious air.

Harmony with shirt

The tie must also be compatible with the shirt worn. When you prefer striped shirts, make sure that the tie you will wear has stripes the same size as the shirt. If your shirt is patterned, avoid the tie being patterned. If you are wearing light tones and a flat shirt, you can use patterned ties in shades that will match your shirt's shades.

Fit with suit

The color of the suit and the color and pattern of the chosen tie must necessarily match. Avoid using a tie in the color and design that will precede the suit. You can opt for a plaid or striped tie with a straight suit. A straight tie would create a more pleasant fit if both the suit and shirt stripes were chosen.

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