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Plain Shirts

Plain shirts for men models, which are one of the fashion pieces that men never miss from their wardrobe thanks to their style, posture, elegance, and ease of use, fill the eye with silk, satin, cotton fabrics. Plain shirts for men models that fit perfectly on the body are often used, especially by sporty gentlemen.

 Shirts, which are preferred in all daily life areas, help you look more stylish, especially with a model with a collar that matches your face and body type. Men's shirt models, which have recently come to the fore with their masculine cuts and patterns, are one of the fashion pieces used in the four seasons. Short-necked men may prefer Italian collars; tall men may choose French collars.

Men's shirt models that fit exactly on your shoulders and do not block arm movements get full marks from men who care about their appearance and elegance from 7 to 70. In winter, you can breathe a different life into street fashion with a black men's boot model and a lumberjack shirt that makes you look shabby. You can easily access all these products with the privileges of Makrom Men's & Women's Fashion.

Luxury Plain Shirts for Men

Men are not as lucky in shopping as women. There are limited models and accessories for men. One of the most sensitive issues in shopping for men is their choice of shirts. Because luxury plain shirts for men can sometimes be classic, sometimes sports according to their use. So before choosing luxury plain shirts for men, men should determine where to wear the shirt, what kind of shirt they are looking for.

Choosing the wrong shirt is a complete loss of reputation for a man. Classic shirts are usually considered classic shirts with elegant plain shirts for men models with self-stripes on plain or white without patterns suitable for wearing a tie on the collar. Classic shirts are usually worn inside suits. The color and cut of the shirt can be determined according to the suit's color and cut.


Elegant Shirts for Men

Choosing the right elegant plain shirts for men is the first rule for a man to make a beautiful and useful wardrobe. In your shirt selection, you must create a balance between your body's physical characteristics and the model of the shirt. It is your neck and the collar model of the shirt that you should pay most attention to when choosing a sweater. This ratio is critical in selecting shirts.

A man with a short neck should stay away from models with high collar length and large long collar shirts. Choosing the wrong elegant plain shirts for men shirt will cause your physical characteristics not to be reflected correctly, and as a result, you will look overweight or shorter than you are. You must pay attention to some basic rules for the shirt you will buy to have a perfect posture on you. The sleeve length of the shirt should end with the end of your wrist. An important detail is that the shirt sleeve length is one centimeter longer than your jacket's sleeve length for a stylish look. Cufflink used shirt cuffs will give you a more contemporary and special style.

Elegant Plain Shirts for Men

The collar is suitable for use with a tie (preferably with honey), the fabric is usually cotton, the colors are striped on plain or white, and those produced from a plaid or self-patterned fabrics are called classic shirts. It is useful to choose one hundred percent cotton fabrics when buying shirts. Because cotton is a natural fiber, it allows the skin to breathe. If the shirt's fabric is mixed, not just cotton, you should make sure that the synthetic ratio does not exceed one-third. In winter, heavier cotton fabrics can be worn, while in summer, light cotton and linen mixed cotton, cotton blended silk fabrics can also be worn. If you call it a classic shirt, you will not give up the cotton fabric. The quality of cotton fabrics is evaluated according to yarn numbers. The rise of yarn count refers to fine fibers that are of better quality.

If you're trying a new collar or mold, you shouldn't buy it without rehearsing. When you close the button on your collar, there should be enough space between your neck and the shirt to enter a finger. The fabric of the shirt should neither over-wrap the body nor over-overflow from the pants. It would help if you rehearsed your shirt with a jacket on it. It would be best if you made sure that the back's wrinkles are not too large and that the shirt fabric in front of the jacket is not collected too much. The shirt collar should be moved 1.5 centimeters out of the jacket collar and the shirt cuff from the jacket sleeve.

Makrom’s Elegance

The harmony of the shirt in the outfit, the color balance is vital. For example, you should choose a sweater in pastel shades with a pastel-colored jacket, pants, and tie. It should be in color harmony with a shirt, jacket, or tie. When Plain colored jackets are used, you should pay even more attention to the shirt-tie harmony.

If you are unsure of color balance with patterned jackets, use plain or self-striped shirts. You should not prefer very bright and intense colors in classic clothing. Shirts to be used in invitations are usually white or cream. Such shirts can be plain or self-patterned. Usually, there is no pat where the button is buttoned or hidden, so the buttons are invisible. Double-layer cuffs for use with cufflinks add elegance.

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