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Information About Wholesale Products

Information About Wholesale Products

To see our wholesale shirt prices, you must apply for a dealer. SIGN UP FOR WHOLESALE PRICES & ORDER.Click here to review our wholesale productsHOW CAN I BUY ONLINE WHOLESALE CLOTHINGS.
For buy our products wholesale and see our wholesale special prices, you can use our wholesale trade application page. After your application our selling department will contact with you. When the your application is confirmed you will ready to buy by bulk.

Online Wholesale Men's Shirts, Women's Shirts, Blazers, Suits, Tuxedos and Accessories

Whosale Shirts

Q: Can I Be An Online Dealer ?
A: Yes also you can use our xml service (for take all product photos, description, etc.)
If you want we can preapere to you ready to sell website includes all of our products.

Q: Can I Use Xml Service ?
A: Yes. You can use our xlm service for free.

Q: Can I Sell Your Products at Marketplaces (Amazon,Ebay etc.) ?
A: Yes. All of our products have registered ean numbers and many of items now on After confirmation of your application you can sell your items at amazon,ebay and etc.

Q: What is Minimum Order Quantity ?
A: Minimum order quantity is 24 products. You can select different designs, colors and sizes.

Q: What is Your Shipping Company ?
A: We can send to all orders with your cargo company via seaway, airway or roadway.

If you dont select a cargo company or not sure we will send via DHL express service.

Q: Which Countries Do You Sell Your Products ?
A: We are selling our products to all of the world already.

Q: Which Payment Method Do You Accept ?
A: You can with credit card at our website with payu payment system, bank transfer, moneygram and western union money transfer systems.

Q: Where Your Products Are Manufacturing ?
A: Our products are manufacturing with best techniques and materials in Turkey.

Q: How Many Days are Delivered ?
A: DHL express service will be deliver 1-2 day max(Unusual cases may variable).

Custom cargo companies delivery time may variable.

Q: Can I Make Dropshipping ?
A: Yes. For detailed information you have contact with us.

About Makrom Wholesale Trade Application

We are one of the most established companies about wholesale shirts in Turkey.

Makrom shirts manufacturingmakrom shirt packagesMakrom shirts

Makrom started manufacturing dress shirts, sport shirts and traditional shirts at 1992.
Now we have headquartes at Istanbul,
another office in London and retail shops many
parts of the world.

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If you want to sell our products , please fill this form.

After you fill this form, our customer service will contact you via mail, skype or whatsapp.
When the meeting with customer service we will add you to our dealership list and you will see wholesale prices for you.
We can send all products to worldwide with DHL Express (signed and trackable) or your local cargo company if its possible.

Our stocks , styles updated instantly.
If you prefer you can download and active our xml.
Our delivery time to worldwide with DHL 1-2 day max. (unusual cases may variable)

Our website securited by SSL certification.
Our website uses PAYU payment system.

If any question feel free to ask.

mail         :
whatsapp : (+90) 538 433 6125

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