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Luxury and elegant Bowtie for men

Luxury and Elegant Bowtie for Men has become an accessory often used by men. Bow tie models that stand quite stylish on special occasions of men, weddings, and prom are some of the most preferred accessories. It is only if it is done correctly that it can provide a stylish look. Bow tie models used with suits, especially for unique invitations, have many color and pattern options.

Being an elegant accessory, the bow tie seems to go towards replacing the tie when combined correctly. These accessories can be preferred with many sports suits and a perfect match with classic suits. Proper use of the bow tie occurs during the combination. Because of this, it is necessary to treat the combination with care.

Use of Luxury and Elegant Bowtie for Men in classic suits

Luxury and Elegant Bowtie for men, which means butterfly, is a bow-shaped strip that does not hang down but wraps around the neck. The place that comes to the back of the neck is rubber or clasped. A bow tie, which is used in special invitations and has its unique binding technique, can also be used in conjunction with suits such as a tie, but the place where it finds itself is a tuxedo.

When combined with different types of the fabric of bow tie, the area of use also differs. For example, a bow tie made of satin or velvet fabric is worn at extraordinary invitations held at night to keep up with the environment's severity. A bow tie with patterned mesh or knitwear is often used in everyday life and adds a particular affection to the wearer.

Bow ties should be worn in plain and solid colors; patterned bow ties should be preferred. Classic suits, mostly worn on special days and nights, are chosen from dark colors. Bow tie models should be selected to adapt to these suits. The colors of suits and bow ties must necessarily be in colors that will adapt to one another.

The color of the jacket and bow tie may not always be the same. A black coat and black bow tie over a black-white shirt look beautiful. Besides, a black bow tie and a black belt will be compatible with a white or cream jacket. In the selection of bow ties in classic suits, it should be noted that the bow tie is compatible with the coat and shirt.

Use of Luxury and Elegant Bowtie for Men in sports suits

In sports suits, the bow tie is preferred rather than a tie. A colorful bow tie looks very nice, especially with a colorful jacket and pants. The bow tie, which manifests itself in sports suits, has almost become part of sports suits. It can be conveniently preferred both on special days and in daily social life.

Bow ties with multiple colors and patterns are generally used for sports style. In the choice of the bow tie in a sporty suit, it should be noted that if you want to capture unusual weather, the colors of the bow tie and suit should be selected from opposite colors.

Bow Tie Tie Shapes

There are several acceptable binding forms, usually distinguished by their thickness and the fact that the finishing points are angular or round:

  • Butterfly: narrow in the Center and wide at the edges, it is a timeless classic. It is a very suitable model for men with a wide and round face.
  • Semi-Butterfly: smaller, has double sides, has a slightly pointed appearance. It is a more modern and attenuated version of the butterfly. It has a very natural style and is quite compatible with many types of faces.
  • Straight edged: also called' Bat Wing 'and' club' style. It is a good option for men with a small build, a thin neck, and a thin face.
  • Pointed tip: ideal for men with sharp and angular facial contours and is the natural complement of pointed lapels and wing collars.

There are no strict rules about which should be preferred. It is crucial to choose the one that best suits your taste and face shape. Men with big faces, hard lines will prefer thicker bow ties, while men with narrower lines will look better with thin bow ties.

How To Connect To Bow Tie?

Tie bow ties can be intimidating because they are not used very often in everyday life. Now let's examine bow tie tying techniques together.

  1. dangle both ends of the bow tie down from the neck so that the part on the left is slightly longer than its posture position, and throw the long end on it to cut the other diagonally.
  2. now pass the long end that you throw over it under the intersection point with the other end and lift it. In doing so, adjust this knot so that the bow tie is most conveniently positioned around your neck.
  3. fold the short end of the Bow Tie, which extends to the bottom, to the right, forming a bow just below the neck and coming parallel to the ground. Since the ribbon of the bow tie is suitable for its formation, you will be able to do this. If you put your finger on this point that you fold, you will get a better result. This bow you created will form the front part of your bow tie.
  4. throw the long tip you lifted up in Article 2 on the fiyong you just made.
  5. you will create a knot between the shape you created and the node in the back. Pass the long strip extending forward through that gap to form a second style at the end.
  6. Correct the bottom and top knot to overlap.
  7. Here you have already tied your bow tie perfectly.
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