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Waistcoats are defined as a sleeveless garment worn under a jacket. In particular, a very stylish look in the suits, the waistcoats are among the preferences of many men. In fact, waistcoats have been very important in both men and women's clothing since ancient times. However, this waistcoat, which varies over time, has hundreds of patterns and colors. In Makrom's men & women's fashion, it is possible to reach the chic with a variety of waistcoats in the waistcoats category. Waistcoats, which are produced from highly luxurious fabrics, generally consist of 33% polyester fabric types, and 67% viscose.  This fabric mix can be perceived as satin by some people. But that's a pretty wrong perception. Every product that has this fabric is not satin. If you want to have quite a quality and stylish waistcoats, you can access these products with Makrom's men's & women's fashion privilege.

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