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Luxury and Elegant Caps for Men

Luxury and Elegant Caps for Men, which give many clues about the way of life, reflect people and communities. Hats, an indispensable accessory for everyone from ancient Egypt to Europe, can have many different designs. Although it changes according to fashion and enters different forms, it continues to exist in our lives for ages.

Hats, which had extravagant designs from the 1700s to the 1900s, have much calmer designs today. Women's hat and men's hat models, which also take place today by making modern touches to the classic style, are still an indispensable accessory. Although it adorned suits and evening dresses in the past, today it is possible to come across a stylish hat on a combo of t-shirts and jeans. From solid colors to plaid designs, the classic fedora model can become very modern on the right combi.

It's the same combination as baseball Luxury and Elegant Caps for men with a sporting style. In the same way, you can add a romantic atmosphere to your combinations with a model called an artist's hat. Whether it's women's hats or men's hat models, you can reach hundreds of designs for many styles, from classic to retro. From everyday life to a social activity, you can have various men's hat models that you can complete with indispensable items such as pants, t-shirts, jackets with special discount prices for Makrom.

Choosing Luxury and Elegant Caps for Men according to face shape

Especially hats are among the life-friendly indispensable accessories that protect your style and the cold weather in winter. Those who have an oval face shape will be very lucky to befitting almost every model of beanie and hat model. Beanie and hat models that you prefer to match your face type make you look more charismatic than you are. Just determine the model.

Choosing Hats According to Oval Face Shape

If you have an Oval face type, you can easily choose the one that suits you from many options, such as beanie and cap, if you want your face to look thinner in winter, such as Panama in summer, fedora, as the hat models that will best balance the face type and suit you best.

Choosing Hats According to Round Face Shape

If you have a round face shape, it would be more appropriate to choose cap hat models with Fedora and narrow visors instead of the beanie to make it look longer. Because berets tightly wrap your head, bringing the rounded face line to the fore more. In this case, it may not be possible to talk about a stylish posture.

You can use your hat by fluffing the bottoms of your hair to show your face closer to the oval, or you can add length to your face by keeping your hat up without dropping it on your forehead. You can choose models with an Oval edge and an inward twist. You can also use high-topping hat models, fedora hats that will give your face length. The upper part is narrow, and you can choose long-style berets. Today's technology has developed so much that you can easily access round-face hat models on the internet. Now you can start studying models of round face hats.

Choosing A Hat According To The Shape Of The Heart Face

Let's look at The Shape of the heart's face first. I mean, graphically, it's not like The Shape of a heart. Features of The Shape of the heart's face are that the anus is wide and narrows as it approaches the part of the jaw. If you have a heart face shape character, you should avoid models of hats with wide visors that emphasize your forehead that you should pay attention to. Models that cover the ears called pilot berets, narrower little caps, and mesh Berets are the appropriate choices. If you prefer bowler hats, known as bucket hats and bowler hats, you will catch perfection.

Choosing Hats According To Square Face Shape

If it reminds you of your forehead and chin's square shape, you have the features of the square face shape. If you have such a face, you should choose models that will soften your sharp lines when choosing a hat. You can give length to your face with a long beanie and hats topping. If you close your forehead too much, you'll draw attention to your chin, so you shouldn't drop your Berets too much on your forehead. It is possible to capture this harmony with felt hats that curl up in trench-like bowler hats. You can make your face look thinner with caps that are not wide-cut.

Choice of Hat Beanie According To Triangle Face Shape

It is classified as an inverted triangle shape and a flat triangle shape. If you have a triangular face shape, if your forehead is narrow and your chin is angular and wide, you should choose hats that emphasize your forehead. So beanies, wide-brimmed cap hats, berets, and painter hat models are for you! If your forehead is wide, your chin is narrow; you have an inverted triangular face type. It would be best if you stayed away from hats that will highlight your forehead the hat that best suits your face shape is Fedora.

Choosing Caps According To Rectangular Face Shape

How about a rectangular face? Yes, if you have a face shape that reflects your name, a rectangular face shape on your face, this part appeals to you. The point to note is that you should not cover your long face with wide hats. Of course, you should also avoid high-top hat models that will make your face look longer. Especially if your forehead is wide, the beanie and helmet hats that fall towards your forehead can make your face look shorter by cutting the length.

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