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Double Collar Shirts

Shirts are a must in a man's life. As such, many shirt models have been designed to suit every style and everywhere. There are separate shirt models for daily wear, independent for business life, and different for private and formal environments. Makrom men's & women's Fashion can also find men's shirts suitable for any style and Environment, and you can capture your style with our unique production shirts.

Besides, Makrom men's & women's Fashion also has 100% cotton double collar shirts, so you can stop thinking about what you should wear on special occasions and invitations. So what are double collar shirts for men? For more information about this topic and find out where you can use double collar shirts for men, you can read more of our article.

Luxury Double Collar Shirts for Men

Luxury double collar shirts for men are usually shirts that are preferred to be worn on special occasions and official invitations. At the end of the arm, parts are buttonholes for cufflink use. In this way, its smooth appearance and rigid structure can be used without distortion. Cufflinks are among the accessories that men cannot give up. Luxury double collar shirts for men and cufflinks can be used in suits worn by men on a particular day, wedding, or unique invitations. At this point, there are several items to consider. For example, your suit's jacket should be slightly shorter than elegant double collar shirts for men. So your shirt cuff and cufflink accessory can come out comfortably. When you choose cufflinks according to your general style, you can admire people with your class!

Where Do You Wear Double Collar Shirts?

Since ancient times, the use of double collar shirts has been a favorite of men. Of course, there are also places where these shirts can be worn. So where to wear elegant double collar shirts?


  • You can wear it under your suit at your wedding with a stylish cufflink
  • In the same way, you can wear any color double collar shirts according to your suit's color to your engagement.
  • You can use double collar shirts in official places and meetings.
  • You can easily use it at work or in your office

You should also pay attention to the colors you will get when choosing Double collar shirts. Although it is usually preferred in white color, black color can also stand very stylish depending on the suit. Also, if you want to break the shirts' formal mood, you can look both stylish and comfortable by choosing a blue double collar shirt and wearing a blazer jacket over them.

Makrom’s Comfort

Every men's shirt you buy from Makrom men's & women's Fashion is custom-made and made with 100% cotton fabrics. If you also need double collar shirts, which are the sine qua non of a man's wardrobe, you can examine the models and colors. From our shirts for every budget and every taste, you can easily choose and buy what you want. Apart from that, double cuff shirts and cufflinks are like two pieces of a puzzle. At this point, you should also remember that you should choose the most suitable one for yourself among different collar models. So, how should the collar models in question be preferred?

How Should Shirt Collar Models Be Preferred?

The shirt's collar gives the quality away, as men wear shirts more often in pieces such as jackets, cardigans, or jumpers. Another point that is as important as the model of the collar, posture, is that it has an appearance proportional to the facial features of the person wearing it.

For example, a long and narrow face should prefer a comprehensive collar model, while men with a round face should prefer long collar shirts. To hold the correct collar size, you must place a finger between the collar and neck after closing the collar button. Besides, it is recommended that the triangular balance located inside the ends of the collar are not removed so that the model can stand upright and high quality. That also allows you to get a neat look when you tie a tie. Finally, it is recommended that you complete your preferred combinations with a wide tie that will be proportional.

Deciding on Collar Models

When deciding on the collar, you should make sure that it matches your face shape and neck. Long and thin necks should prefer thick and wide collars with a collar belt that will show their necks shorter. On the contrary, short necks should choose as small collars as possible with a thin collar belt. A long and narrow collar is more suitable for a thin face, while a collar with medium thickness ends is more suitable for a broad face.

If you are going to an important meeting during the day or an invitation after 16.00, never use a button-down collar shirt. Classic shirts are necessarily sized in inches according to the neck circumference. Sizes such as 40, 41, 42 or 1,2, 3, 4 or S, M, L are used in sports shirts. Classic shirts must be worn with a tie. In classic shirts, the top button should not be opened. Short-sleeved shirts can only be preferred in sportswear and without ties. Classic shirts do not use contrasting color stitching. The threads must match the color of the fabric. People whose collar size, arm length, or body do not meet the standards should place a particular order.

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