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New Trend: Double Collar Shirts

08 November 2019
New Trend: Double Collar Shirts


Shirts are among the sine qua non of menswear. In this respect, there are more than one type of shirt today. Men can choose the ones that are best suited for them from these types of shirts and get a stylish look both in their daily lives and in official places or on special occasions.

We said shirts were one of the most important parts of menswear. The shirt models produced in this direction and preferred by men also vary according to their collars. Flat collar, round collar, buttoned collar, striped collar, needle collar, contrast collar and double collar are among the types of collars in question. For this reason, men should pay attention when choosing double collar shirts as follows can explain.

Double Collar Shirts Preference

Double collar shirt have recently been among the shirts that men often prefer both in daily life and at formal and private invitations. double collar shirts, as the name implies, have another collar on the collars. It is possible to prepare unique combins with double collar shirt, which have a much more stylish appearance than the classic collars. However, there are some points to consider when choosing double collar shirts at this point. By paying attention to these points, you can prepare stylish combins from each other. So, what should you look out for when choosing double collar shirts? Let's examine it together.

Be Careful Not To Wring Your Neck!

You have to be absolutely sure that Double collar shirt doesn't strangle you. Otherwise, it is possible to express that you can be very comfortable in the shirt. If you want to get both stylish and comfortable combins you have to be careful whether your shirt tightens your neck.

Notice That The Collar Is Symmetrical!

One of the most important points to note in Double collar shirts is whether the collar has a symmetrical structure. Double collar shirt has two collars on top of each other, so it is very important that the collars in question have a symmetrical structure. Otherwise, it is not possible to have a stylish look with a non-symmetrical collar. You can get a stylish look by paying attention to this issue.

Double Collar Shirts Combins

There are many combinations that can be made with Double collar shirt. You can get a stylish look by choosing the best one for yourself from the combinations of double collar shirts we have prepared for you below.

Sports Combinatorics with Double Collar Shirts

It is possible to create many sports combins with Double collar shirt. Especially by choosing jeans and sneakers and double collar shirts you can get a very stylish look. You can achieve dazzling elegance by using both plain and patterned double collar shirts in your Sports combinations. If you like sports combins and you want to choose these combins, you have unique options with double collar shirts.

Double Collar Shirts for Special Invitation and Official Combins 

You can create unique custom invitation combins with Double collar shirt models. You can dazzle in the environment you enter by choosing models of double collar shirts over suits or fabric trousers. Double collar shirts, which are more striking especially in light colors, can complement suits. If you want to make a different combinatorium in official or special events, you can choose double collar shirts.

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