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Men's Blazers Models and Prices | Makrom

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Blazers is actually a product that entered our lives with the use of the British Royal Navy in the 19th century. Blazers, which are of great importance in men's clothing, can be used comfortably both in daily life and in business life. In other words, Blazers can be preferred in both classic and sports. You can create a stylish Combin with blazers and sneakers. You can opt for blazer with a more flamboyant fabric pants and a classic shoe. The Blazers at Makrom's men & women's fashions are flat, striped, printed or tuxedo-style. Produced from very high quality fabrics, Blazers fabrics feature 67% viscose 33%. You can choose Casual or classic-style blazers from Makrom's men & women's fashions to create stylish combins in both styles. In addition, the blazers prices at Makrom’s men & women's fashion range from USD 149 to USD 239.

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