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How to Measure a Dress Shirt

01 July 2019
How to Measure a Dress Shirt


It is vital to take the right measurement in many types of clothing, such as dress shirts, clothes, and jackets. The human body can take many shapes and sizes therefore we should look to measure our bodies with not only one technique, typically some people only measure neck circumference. However, for the correct measurement results, the whole body needs to be measured. Because, if the correct size is not taken, the type of fabric and the pattern of the preferred, even if it is beautiful and elegant, the clothes that will emerge will not be the correct size. Therefore, the most critical point of stitching clothes and creating a dress shirt is to take the right measure. Breast, waist, hip measurements to be taken in the right way will ensure that your clothes are perfect on you.

In fact, taking measurements is quite simple. The point to be considered here is to be able to use the correct measurement techniques. You can get the most accurate measurement if you process the tape measure without squeezing too much and leaving too much.

Attention Should Be Paid To Measuring

There are critical points to be considered when measuring body size for jackets and shirts. People can take the most accurate measurement by paying attention to these points. So, here’s what do you need to pay attention to when you measure…

  • The first point you should pay attention to when you measure for dresses and shirts is that the piece of clothing should be laid flat on a hard surface. This allows you to take the dimensions of the shirt without experiencing any slippage.
  • Make sure the shirts are facing up. The shirts can be stretched or left loose during the measurement process. If you do not want the shirt to stand in different sizes, you must make sure that it is not stretched.
  • You should use a tape measure with a length of 36+ inch during shirt measurements. Doing your measurements with rulers will result in incorrect results.
  • You must measure the same points at least twice to be sure of your measurements. This eliminates the error margin.
  • Shirt measurement can be started from the collar section. You can start measuring with a measuring tape on a straight shirt by opening the buttons. It is possible to measure the length of the collar by placing some of the measuring tapes in the collar band.
  • Another criterion for measuring shirts is the area from the neck to shoulder. You have to measure this area correctly. After measuring this area, you should measure the arm length and the distance from shoulder to shoulder correctly.
  • You need to measure the widest point of the waist for the sleeve cuff of the shirt. When wearing accessories such as watches or bracelets, it is important that a comfortable area is left at this point.
  • After taking all these measurements, you can easily finish the measurement of shirts

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