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How Should a Shirt Fit?

24 June 2019
How Should a Shirt Fit?


Many men nowadays prefer shirts at work or in everyday life. When choosing shirts, which are indispensable parts of men's clothing, suits, and casual pants, there are some things that people should take care of when choosing shirts that are easily combined with them. The most important is whether the shirt is full of the person. People can remain in a dilemma after buying shirts, whether it is tight or not. This happens to almost everyone. The fact that this situation is more frequent especially in online shopping causes people to be hesitant during internet shopping and sometimes do not realize this exchange. You need to know your ideal shirt sizes in order to prevent this hesitation and make comfortable shopping on the internet. You can have the shirt you like by shopping with the recommendations we will give you in this direction.

Shirt Fit Needs To Be Considered

As mentioned above, when buying shirts, you can have the most appropriate shirt for your body measurements by paying attention to the following issues.


If you want the shirt to fit properly on you, you should make sure that the stitching are finished on the shoulder. In this way, you can move your arms more easily. However, at this point, excessive appearance should be avoided. A large shoulder and Arms area will cause the shirt to become large.

Waist Circumference

You should also pay attention to the waist circumference according to your preferred shirt pattern. Having plenty of waist area in tight shirts does not cause a pleasant appearance. Especially when you put the shirt into your pants too much fabric parts will be unpleasant on the eye.


In shirts, the most critical point is the collar. When buying shirts, people have trouble with their collar, even if the body fits. Therefore, if you are going to use your shirt by connecting the collar when you do up the buttons it should not be too large or too narrow. It is ideal to have enough space to enter two fingers after doing up the collar of your shirt.

Arm length and cuff

The cuff section, just like the collar, should not be too narrow or too large if you do up the buttons. If you put your hands down the cuff should not come down any lower than the wrist and there should not be any slack in the sleeve for the ideal fit.

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