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7 Types of Men's Collars You Must Be Knowing

13 September 2019
7 Types of Men's Collars You Must Be Knowing


Today there are many different types of shirts that men may prefer. It is possible to explain why there are dozens of different options for shirts as men often prefer shirts. There are also different kinds of collars, especially shirts that are the sine qua non of male wardrobes. These collar types can vary according to the area in which the shirt will be used. So, what are these collar types?

Flat Collar

A flat collar is the most commonly used type of collar. Almost 90% of shirts come across this type of collar length and collar opening because of the ratio between the different collar names are middle. They are in The Shape of the wide collar, narrow collar, open collar, French collar, Italian collar, classic collar. However, all of these types of collars are flat collars.

Round Collar

The type of collar called Round collar or club collar is a type of collar that is not used very often today. This type of shirt, which is mostly used in past times, is frequently seen in magazines and articles about men's fashion. Round catches that are not so often preferred for a Soft air clincher may be fashionable in later times.

Buttoned Collar

Buttoned collars are a type of collars used very frequently in sports shirts. Although classic shirts are also often encountered, they often appear much more in everyday shirts. Buttoned collars have recently been used to add movement to collars and create an aesthetic image.

Stripped Collar

Striped collar shirts are definitely among the shirts that should be used with a tie. It's very clear that strip collar shirts, which are a different version of buttoned collars, have a distinctive style. The Stripped collar shirts that James Bond used in the film Skyfall made the Stripped collar popular.

Pin Collar

The needle collar, which is similar to the Stripped collars, is obtained by passing a metal rod under the tie. Needle collar shirts can be much harder than other types of shirts. Needle passing through the holes on the collar adds a separate air to the shirt. The iron bar, passed under the tie, combines both collars and pushes the tie upwards, allowing the tie to come to the fore.

Contrast Collar

Although the contrast collar, which refers to the white-collar on the shirts with white stripes on the overall dark blue, was a very fashionable product about 10 years ago, it is not possible to say that it is much preferred today.

Wing Collar

The shape of the preferred wing collar with tuxedo and frock is quite different from that of the classic shirt collars. Wing collars designed in accordance with the bow tie's structure are not suitable for everyday use.

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