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5 Methods to Roll up Shirt Sleeves the Right Way

09 Agust 2019
5 Methods to Roll up Shirt Sleeves the Right Way


Shirts with a prominent place in almost everyone's wardrobe are frequently preferred in both summer and winter. People who prefer long-sleeved shirts, especially when the weather warms up and cools, want to roll up the sleeves of their shirts by getting tired of the heat. There is also no need to sweat to roll up the shirt handle. Some people are able to roll up their shirt sleeves to look styled. But many people practice the wrong techniques when rolling up the arm of their shirts. This causes the shirt sleeves to not roll up as desired. In order to get rid of this inaccuracy and bad image, people need to learn and apply the right shirt arm rolling up techniques. So how do shirts best roll up?

You Should Be Careful with Your Shirt Iron

Roll up shirts without Irons is quite difficult. You should, therefore, note that your shirts are properly ironed out. Especially when the cuffs are smooth, the sleeves of your shirts allow you to roll up easily.

Try The Aifa Roll Method

Aifa Roll method, a shirt roll-up technique, is the most classic method. In this method, the arms are rolled up and canted up to 2 times in a row in the width of the cuff. With Aifa roll, the most practical arm folding method, you can easily fold your arms and get a stylish look.

Basic Sleeve Fold Method

Basic sleeve fold is a method that is as interesting and well known as the Aifa roll method. If the Aifa roll method is not sufficient, you can use the basic sleeve fold method. In the same way, this method should roll up the arms around the width of the cuff. However, this time you can get a stylish appearance by rolling up 3 times.

Master Fold Method

This method, as the name implies, is a master-level folding method. By rolling up your arm with the master fold method, you can have a pretty stylish look. Roll up the sleeve of your shirt so that the cuff is on top of your elbow. Double down the part below your elbow to the top of the cuff. You will be dazzled by this method of folding, which has a rather stylish image.

Short Folding

If your shirt cuff is small, or if you prefer a sports shirt, you can bring your shirt cuff slightly above your wrist by breaking it small.

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